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We offer access to a wide range of blood and non-blood biofluids, both from healthy patients and patients with diseases, as well as those obtained with thousands of different analyses and corresponding test results. our facilitates provide the procurement of everything from clinical residual samples to collected and prospectively collected biofluids. We also provide access to a diverse, global network of vendors to help you find the correct sample and data match for your research, including samples with hard-to-find patient profiles. Do you want to know more about biofluids or research? Let us know how CBRS can help.

1: Whole Blood We Access whole blood samples from healthy and Diseased patients with different donor groups. Whether your research institution is conducting genetic studies, validating medical instruments, or developing blood-based testing procedures, CBRS provides access to residual blood samples, blood units, and fresh human whole blood samples and data you need to complete your project. CBRS provides access to whole blood samples from a wide range of Diseased patients — from various cancers to lupus, diabetes, and more — as well as healthy, normal samples. By working with Multiple branches of laboratories throughout the country, we not only serve our customers, we not only serve our customers who need samples within hours of collection, but our global network also connects our customers with ethnically diverse patients from different geographic regions.

2.Serum and Plasma Discover a vast repository of valuable biological resources at our state-of-the-art biobank, where a comprehensive collection of serum and plasma biosamples awaits researchers and scientists. Our biobank houses an extensive range of meticulously catalogued serum and plasma samples, sourced ethically and maintained under stringent quality controls.

Researchers from various fields can access this treasure trove of biosamples, each representing a snapshot of human health and physiology. From healthy individuals to diverse disease conditions, our biobank 's serum and plasma samples offer insights into biomarker discovery, disease progression, and therapeutic intervention.

Our commitment to scientific advancement is evident in the careful curation of biosamples, ensuring accurate annotation of relevant clinical data. Whether investigating cardiovascular disorders, infectious diseases, oncology, or beyond, our biobank serves as a reliable resource for cutting-edge research endeavours. Accelerate your research with confidence, as our biobank stands ready to empower breakthroughs through the availability of high-quality serum and plasma biosamples.

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3.Buffy Coat Samples Obtain human buffy Buffy Coat Samples for research from Diseased and healthy patients. Easy, streamlined procurement of depot and prospectively collected buffy coats Through CBRS researchers have access to a global network of providers and patients for stored and prospectively collected buffy coats, with and without matched sets. Our extensive provider network provides access to a large inventory of criterion-specific buffy coats from both Diseased and healthy patients. Our network also enables large-scale, prospective collections of high-quality matched sample sets including buffy coats. Each matched specimen set is supplied with the patient's baseline clinical data and de-identified pathology information.

4.Swab Samples

Embark on groundbreaking research with unparalleled access to a diverse array of swab biosamples, meticulously preserved and readily available within our advanced biobank. These swab biosamples, carefully collected and stored under optimal conditions, provide an invaluable resource for researchers and scientists delving into a multitude of fields.

CBRS houses an expansive collection of swab samples, ranging from nasopharyngeal and oral swabs to skin and microbial samples. Each swab specimen is a potential window into the intricate world of human health, genetics, and microbiota. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and rigorous quality control, our swab biosamples maintain their integrity and scientific value.

Researchers investigating infectious diseases, microbiome dynamics, genetic variations, and more can confidently explore our biobank's swab samples. These specimens are accompanied by comprehensive clinical data, enhancing the depth and relevance of your research findings.

Accelerate your discoveries with the assurance of accessing a comprehensive repository of swab biosamples at CBRS biobank. Uncover insights that could redefine healthcare, genetics, and beyond, as you leverage our collection to pave the way for transformative scientific breakthroughs.

5.Urine sample We Access fresh and stored human urine samples and data from a diverse, Countrywide patient and provider population. Streamline the procurement of urine samples whether you're researching urine biomarkers, developing diagnostic tests, or monitoring drug metabolism, CBRS helps you find the best sample for your research from our extensive network of providers. Do you have complex sample requirements? You can confidently source prospectively collected human urine samples with comprehensive datasets from our diverse groups of diseased and healthy donors.

6. Stool samples Gain access to human stool samples from diverse, hard-to-access patient profiles to gain insight into the human micro biome. CBRS provides access to stool samples from patients around the world representing different ethnicities, healthcare systems, behavioral norms, and even regional dietary habits. Whether you need clinical residual, prospective, or individually collected samples for your research, we can help you find the right sample for your research. Our high level of accessibility to donors and collection customization also allows access to hard-to-find samples with niche protocols. For example, if your research requires Bristol Scale human stool samples or samples in specialized transport media, we can customize a collection to meet your project criteria using our diverse network of healthcare providers.

7. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples Access to CSF samples important for diagnostics and cell processing By using CBRS biobank to procure human CSF samples, researchers can target highly specific donor profiles, including various medical conditions, from headaches to infections. Whether you need residual clinical samples or CSF bank samples for your research, we connect you to a global network of sample providers, enabling you to procure CSF samples from ethnically diverse patient populations, including Diseased and healthy normal individuals. Our team of sample experts has supported a large number of projects requiring residual and depot CSF samples, helping to meet even the most complex requirements.

8.Saliva Samples Nestled within our biobank are a diverse range of saliva specimens, each representing a unique biological signature. The possible applications of these samples range across a broad spectrum of scientific endeavors, from genetic discoveries to biomarker development. Each saliva biosample is guaranteed to be authentic and scientifically relevant by our exacting collection procedures and strict quality control checks. Researchers can reliably use the saliva samples in our biobank to learn more about genetic predispositions, oral health, hormone levels, and other topics. These samples come with thorough clinical data, which deepens and contextualizes your research projects

9.Sputum SamplesYour global source for diseased and healthy normal human sputum samples through a fully customizable collection process. Find the right sputum sample for your research Through the CBRS, you have access to the breadth, depth, and diversity of large patient and donor populations from around the world, representing diverse ethnicities, healthcare systems, dietary habits, and behavioral norms. Our global reach, extensive access to samples, and customized capabilities help you find the right sputum samples and datasets for your research. Whether you need residual clinical samples, depot samples, or prospectively collected samples, our extensive network helps ensure that both simple and complex requests can be handled. CBRS can fulfill most sputum requests through customized sample collections.

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