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CBRS offers a wide range of bioinformatics services that help extract meaningful insights from complex biological data. Our bioinformatics expertise complements our biospecimen resources and allows us to provide complete solutions for research and clinical applications. Here are the main services we offer

1. Data Analysis and Interpretation

Our team of bioinformatics experts can analyze a variety of biological data sets, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Using advanced computational techniques and statistical methods, we find patterns, identify biomarkers and draw meaningful conclusions from complex data sets.

2. Genomic Data Analysis

We specialize in genomic data analysis, including DNA sequencing, variant calling, annotation and genomic profiling. Our bioinformatics enables the in-depth study of genomic variants, gene expression and functional genomics, facilitating understanding of disease mechanisms, drug response and personalized medicine.

3. Transcriptomics Analysis

We provide transcriptomics analysis services including RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), differential gene expression analysis, pathway analysis and functional annotation. These services enable the identification of key regulatory pathways, gene expression patterns and potential therapeutic targets.

4. Proteomics and Metabolomics Analysis

Our bioinformatics capabilities extend to proteomics and metabolomics analysis, enabling mass spectrometric data interpretation, protein identification, quantification, and pathway analysis. These services facilitate the understanding of protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications, and metabolic pathways.

5. Data Integration and Visualization

We provide data integration services that combine multi-omics data sets to create a holistic view of biological systems. Our bioinformatics team uses advanced visualization techniques to present complex data in a clear and intuitive way, aiding in data interpretation and hypothesis generation.

6. Customized Bioinformatics Solutions

We understand that each research project is unique and therefore offer customized bioinformatics solutions tailored to specific research objectives. Our team works closely with researchers to understand their requirements and develop custom workflows and analysis pipelines to meet their specific needs.

Using our bioinformatics services, scientists can extract valuable information from their data, discover hidden patterns and generate hypotheses for further research. Our expertise in computational analysis and data interpretation increases the value of biospecimen resources and enables researchers to accelerate discoveries and develop precision medicine applications.

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